Current Members

Hyo-Jick Choi
Hyo-Jick Choi

Principal Investigator

Surjith Kumaran, PhD
Surjith Kumaran, PhD

Research Associate Microfabricated drug delivery/nanobio hybrid systems Post-doctoral fellow: Queens Univ. PhD: Incheon National Univ.

Euna Oh, PhD
Euna Oh, PhD

Research Associate Foodborne Disease Post-doctoral fellow: Univ. of Alberta PhD: Myongji University (Biotechnology and Environmental Eng,)

David Panjae Lee
David Panjae Lee

Undergraduate researcher Antimicrobial Technology Univ. of Alberta Faculty of Science Honors in Pharmacology

Manika Chopra
Manika Chopra

M.Sc. Student Microfabricated Probiotics Delivery System B.S.: University of Alberta (Chemical & Materials Engineering)

Matthew Lawson
Matthew Lawson

M.Sc. Student Nano-Agriculture Hybrid Technology B.Sc.: University of Alberta (Chemical & Materials Engineering)

Sumin Han
Sumin Han

Ph.D. Student Antimicrobial Filter Technology B.Sc.: Jeju National University (Applied Biotechnology)


1. Ankit Kumar, MSc September 2015, "Development of Oral Influenza Vaccine Delivery System Utilizing pH Responsive Pored Microparticles"

2. Chengmeng Sun, MSc June 2107, "Development of a Novel Oral Drug Delivery System Using pH-Responsive Hollow Microparticle with Macropores on the Surface"

3. Kyle Minor, PhD September 2018, "Light-Driven Energy Production for Cell-Free Metabolic Systems"

4. Xueting Lin, MEng December 2018, "Oral Drug Delivery"

5. Bahman Homayun, PhD September 2019, "pH-responsive microencapsulation systems for oral delivery of biopharmaceuticals"

6. Harish Chakrapani, MSc January 2020, "Synthesis of poly (methyl methacrylate-co-methacrylic acid) copolymers and their application in the development of oral and transdermal drug delivery systems"

7. Ilaria Rubino, PhD June 2020, "Salt Functionalization System for Protection against Airborne Diseases"

8. Manika Chopra, MSc September 2020, "Microfabricated Probiotic Formulation for Inhibition of Salmonella in Poultry"

Undergraduate Researchers

1. Yuanzhou Huang, 2015 (Summer)

2. Sally Fung, 2017 (Winter, DRA)

3. Miyoung Park, 2017 (Summer)

4. Iryna Roever, 2017 (Summer)

5. Sarah Armstrong, 2017 (Summer)

6. Owais Khalid, 2017 (Fall, DRA)

7. Shivanjali Choudhry 2018 (Summer)

8. Dayton Chen 2018 (Summer)

9. Alex Hornig 2018 (Summer)

10. Tahsin Al Mannan 2018 (Summer, Fall)

11. Matthew Lawson 2018 (Summer, Fall/DRA)

12. Sana Kaleem 2018 (Winter, Summer, Fall)

13. Romani Lalani 2018 (Fall/DRA)

14. Shreya Ratra 2020 (Fall/DRA)

15. Cassidy Mrazek 2021 (Winter/DRA)

Research Assistant

1. Brendan Koch, 2015

2. Dilini Adihetty, 2018

3. Ilaria Rubino, 2020