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Lab News

Our paper "Highly Effective Salt-Activated Alcohol-Based Disinfectants with Enhanced Antimicrobial Activity" was featured on the cover of ACS Nano. 


ACS Nano Cover.jpg
ACS Nano 2023_edited.jpg

Our paper on Highly Effective Salt-Activated Alcohol-Based Disinfectants with Enhanced Antimicrobial Activity published in ACS Nano. Congrats to all !


Thank you for all your hard work! 

Min Joh (DRA).JPG

Min gave an excellent DRA (Dean's Research Award) presentation


Congrats to Min for a great presentation! 

Filter tester.jpg
Arrival of Filter Testing System

The Palas PMFT System, a mask and filter media testing system, is now available in our laboratory. Special thanks to Alberta Innovates and NSERC for the financial support.

- This testing system can measure particle sizes from 100 nm up to 40 μm, and our testing rig is capable of evaluating respiratory masks, such as N95, KN95, KF94 (Korea 1st Class), and FFRs (Eu), and HEPA air filters more effectively than standard testing.

The PMFT System operates in compliance with various international testing standards such as EN 149 and EN 13274-7, equivalent to GB 2626, 42 CFR 84, and ASTM 2299-3.

Our paper "Engineering of Materials for Respiratory Protection: Salt-Coated Antimicrobial Fabrics for Their Application in Respiratory Devices" was featured on the front cover of ACS Accounts of Materials Research. 


ACS Accounts of Materials Research_edited.jpg

Our paper on Engineering of Materials for Respiratory Protection published in ACS Accounts of Materials Research. Congrats to Sumin Han and Euna Oh!


Scientific Reports update.jpg

Our paper on salt-recrystallization-induced pathogen inactivation method published in Scientific Reports in  2017 continues to attract global attention as an innovative technology.



Our paper on oral drug/vaccine delivery systems published in Pharmaceutics in 2019 ranked the 7th most cited articles.


ACS Food Science & Technology.jpg

Publication on microfabricated probiotic formulation for inhibition of Salmonella in ACS Food Science & Technology. Congrats to Manika Chopra!


Nano Letters-Supplementary Cover_edited.jpg

Our recent publication on photopolymerizable, universal antimicrobial coating was featured on the supplementry cover of Nano Letters. Congrats to Dr. Surjith Kumaran, Dr. Euna Oh, and Sumin Han!



ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2021.jpg

Publication on the pathogen inactivation mechanism in salt-coated filter in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. Congrats to Dr. Ilaria Rubino and Sumin Han!



Publication on salt-coated filter technology in Scientific Reports. Congrats to Dr. Ilaria Rubino!


Very excited about having our three years of investigation by 17 researchers published today. 

International Journal of Pharmaceutics 2020.jpg

Publication on intestine-targeted co-delivery of biopharmaceuticals in International Journal of Pharmaceutics. Congrats to Bahman!


Ilaria global health Fair 2020.jpg

Ilaria received the Global Health & Communities award at the Global Health Fair. Congrats to Ilaria!


Manika's poster - Global Health Fair.JPG

Manika gave an excellent presentation (Global Health Fair)


Congrats to Manika on her achievements!

Indigenous Health Initiatives Program

Indigenous Health Initiatives Program


Welcome to SEED Lab! Hope you had a great time.

Romani DRA Presentation.jpg

Romani gave an excellent DRA (Dean's Research Award) presentation


Congrats to Romani for a great presentation! 

Bahman Homayun.jpg

Bahman, 3MT finalist, gave an excellent 3-Minute Pitch at U of A


Congrats to Bahman Homayun for a great talk! 

DRA presentation (Matthew Lawson).jpg

Matthew gave an excellent DRA (Dean's Research Award) presentation


Congrats to Matthew Lawson for a great presentation! 

Ilaria Rubino (3MP Competition).jpg

Ilaria received the 3rd place award for 3-Minute Pitch Competition at the CSChe 2018. Congrats to Ilaria!


CSChE 2018.jpg

Bahman and Ilaria gave a presentation at the CSChE 2018 in Toronto


Ilaria 2018 (GSA Research day).jpg

Ilaria received the 1st place award and prize for poster presentation at the GSA Research Day. Congrats to Ilaria!


Smart oral drug delivery system_edited_edited.jpg

Publication on the fabrication of smart oral drug delivery system in Eur J Pharm Biopharm. Congrats to Bahman and Chengmeng!


Trends in Biotechnology.jpg

Publication on respiratory protection technology in Trends in Biotechnology. Congrats to Ilaria!



Dr. Choi at KINTEX as a delegate in a Canadian Nanotechnology Mission to Korea


SEED lab participated in Nano Korea 2017 to represent Univ. of Alberta

Ankit 2017 CCMR.jpg

Ankit gave a presentation at the 2017 CCMR in Jeju


Microparticles with a pH-responsive macropore_edited.jpg

Publication on oral drug/vaccine delivery system in Scientific Reports. Congrats to Ankit!


MRS spring 2017.jpg

Ilaria gave a presentation at the 2017 Alberta Virology Conference in Edmonton



Sally gave an excellent DRA (Dean's Research Award) presentation


Congrats to Sally Fung for a great talk!

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