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We were awarded with Eudragit Award 2018. Congrats to Bahman Homayun, Chengmeng Sun, and Ankit Kumar !

August 27, 2019

Our paper "Facile fabrication of microparticles with pH-responsive macropores for small intestine targeted drug formulation" published in European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics has been selected as the best paper by Evonik Industries. We have been awarded for winning the prize for the best publication in the North-American region. 

August 28, 2017

Our efforts in the oral vaccine development have been highlighted in Univ. of Alberta news, Technology org, Manufacturing Chemist, etc.

June 01, 2017

Dr. Choi was named Researcher of the Month for June 2017 by Canadians for Health Research (CHR). Our research efforts on the development of 1) virus deactivation system against pandemic respiratory disease and 2) solid oral vaccine have been spotlighted.

March 03, 2017

Our research on virus deactivation system against pandemic respiratory disease (i.e. influenza, SARS, MERS, etc) has been highlighted in the Atlantic.

March 02, 2017

Dr. Choi received federal funding ($85,830) for "Micro-milling workstation to develop microfabricated platforms for cost-effective solid-type vaccines" project.

February 01, 2017

Our research on virus deactivation system has been highlighted in Korean newspapers and broadcast.

YTN, Yonhap News, Huffingtonpost, Seoul Economy, MBN, Daily Economy, Geumgang Ilbo, Ulsan General Daily

Our research on virus deactivation against respiratory diseases in global media

February 01, 2017

Our recent publication on virus deactivation system has been highlighted in local, national, and international broadcast/newspaper articles.: Global news, Yahoo news, Edmonton Sun, GHTC (global health technologies coalition), Business standard,,, Biermann medicine, Times of India, The Siasat Daily,, New atlas, Contagionlive, The Peninsula Quatar, iNew880,, AsianScientist,, OR Manager, Twiland, Worid News, Health Management Technology, Technology Org, American Council on Science and Health, Council & Heal, Sciences et Avenir, Advisory Board, The Economic Times, Labroots, Indiatoday, Digital Journal, Medindia, Health Medicine Network, Becker's Healthcare, All-Daily-News, 630 CHED, Zimbabwe Star, Innovation Toronto, Medicalxpress, The Tribune, etc.

January 04, 2017

F.-S. Quan, I. Rubino, S.H. Lee, B. Koch, H. –J. Choi*, Universal and reusable virus deactivation system for respiratory protection, Scientific Reports, 7: 39956 (2017).

Ankit Kumar wins BP UFT 2015!

January 01, 2017

Congratulation to Mr. Ankit Kumar who was part of Team Omega, winners of the Canada Ultimate Field Trip 2015! This year's problem statement was "water sustainability in the oil and gas industry". Team Omega proposed a unique solution to save water in oil sands industry by utilizing Microwave heating, curie point metals and centrifuges in the the oil extraction process, which consumes majority of the water in separation of oil from oil sands. 


Congratulations and well done! 

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